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Places To Visit: Bali

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Indonesian Republic is a sovereign trancontinental country located mainly in Southeast Asia, situated between the Indian & Pacific Ocean. It is the world largest island country with more than thirteen thousand islands. Both nature & culture are major components of Indonesian tourism. The natural attractions are complemented by a rich cultural heritage that reflects Indonesia's dynamic history. The ancient Rrambanan & Borobudur temples, Toraja, & Bali with its Hindu festivities are some of the popular destinations for cultural tourism. Tanaha Lot Temple is a rock formation of the Indoneisan island of Bali. Indonesia has a well preserved natural ecosystem with rainforests. Nearly Twenty percent of the world's coral reefs (with 3000 different species of fishes & 600 coral species), deep water trenches, volcanic sea mounts, are found in Indonesia. Scuba diving is excellent & inexpensive in Indonesia. Bunaken National Marine Park has all the well known fish species of the Indo-Western Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has UNESCO world heritage site such as the Komodo National Park Cultural Landscape of Bali etc. Bali is one of the World's Best islands. Bali is also a major world surfing destination, Bali is well known tourist favourite island and has received the Best island award from Travel & Leisure.


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