My Reward

Terms & Conditions
  • All travellers who have created a login account are eligible for the Reward Points Program.
  • A Point system has been created by Sam-San Travels, that provides you credits based on the purchases made for Flights and Hotels (Domestic/International).
  • Travellers can accrue points for any domestic / international flight / hotel purchased in SamSan Travels online portal.
  • Travellers can access their dashboards with the login details and view total points accrued and its equivalent value in INR.
  • A minimum of 200 points need to be accrued in order to be eligible for redemption.
  • Once a traveller has reached 200 points, they can choose to do full/part redemption for any flight/hotel purchased. The point system will then get reset based on the actual usage.
  • Customer can choose not to redeem points even after meeting eligibility criteria. They can continue accrual for future redemption.
  • When the traveller decides total points to be redeemed, the system will calculate the balance amount to be paid through our payment gateway (PayuMoney). The balance amount will be debited/charged to the traveller based on the payment option selected.
  • The reward points program is not applicable for Holidays/Cruise/Car. A special offline discount will be provided for the same as part of pricing process
  • The Reward Points Program is applicable for all products/low cost/budget hotels/flights